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At the End of Your Rental Lease

1. Complete your exit clean so you can retrieve your bond without a problem. Whether you are cleaning yourself or hiring a bond cleaner, you must leave the property in the same condition it was when you entered and you will need to refer back to your initial entry report. You may need to produce cleaning receipts, carpet cleaning, bed steam cleaning (if furnished).

2. Lock all doors and windows, including garage and storage shed. Check every lock and recheck that the windows to the house/apartment are secure, because once you have left and the agent comes to do the end of lease exit report, you do not want any one coming in and undoing all your hard cleaning work.

3. If the property was fully furnished rental, check the washer/dryer, fridge and freezer for anything you might have left behind. It has happened in the past when a full load of laundry has been left in the dryer, and if you need to return to retrieve it, it may have already been removed and disposed of.

4. Check the outside of your home for any stray tools, toys or garden hoses that you may have forgot to pack. Also, make sure you don't leave your Christmas lights behind or any other outdoor decorations.

5. Turn off the heat, air conditioner and unplug any appliances. Unless you've been given other instructions, turn off everything and make sure any appliance that you're leaving behind are unplugged. If you have forgotten to notify your electricity supplier about disconnection from your name, now is a very good time to remember.

6. Switch off the lights. Unless the real estate agent or landlord has told you to leave lights on for safety reasons, turn off all lights including any outdoor lights.

7. Check all the water taps to make sure they're turned off. This is particularly important if the new residents aren't moving in on the same day you're moving out. A lot of water could be wasted if a tap is left on or is left dripping, and it could be your bill that it will be added to.

8. Retrieve any keys that you may have hidden around the property. It's easy to leave keys behind, so make sure you collect them all, including keys that you may have given to a friend. Also, gather all the keys from every member of your family, and make sure you leave keys for every door of the house, garage and storage shed, you can check this from the photos you were given at the beginning

of your lease on your entry report.

9. Check the mail box. Be sure to check the mail box for your mail and make sure you have organised a mail forwarding service with Australia post. There is a minimal fee, but paying this is better than loosing the important letters that may still come to your now old address.

9. Go through each room one last time. Go through your home room by room to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Check all closets, cupboards, and cubbyholes and under the stairs. Check the out door shed and any roof space you may have used. Often it's the storage areas that are forgotten. Check the fridge, the oven for any of your own trays or dishes, the kitchen cupboards and rear veranda for any forgotten items.

While you're traveling through your home for the last time, say goodbye and take a moment to remember the good times, and know that you're moving on to new experiences and a new chapter of your life. Good luck!

Disclaimer: In preparing this information we have used our best endeavours to ensure the information contained is true and accurate but accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability in respect to any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misstatements contained.


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