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Finding a Rental on the Gold Coast in 2022

To start with, the market has a very small amount of rental properties available for rent, actually less than 0.7% and variable. With the opening of the borders after Covid, and the floods that have occurred there are many people displaced, & the Gold Coast has become one of Australia’s most sort after areas to live.

If you are wondering “how do you find a rental property

on the Gold Coast” ? My answer would be “with vigilance & persistence”.

You will need to start

· searching every day

· set your budget

· put alerts on for the properties that fit your requirements. You will be notified of any property that comes online meeting your filters.

Most importantly remember the market is tight, so you may need to be a little more flexible with the location, style and other wants you have, to secure your new rental property.

Preparing your application

Online applications are the way of the future, although some agents will still give you a paper application. Sometimes you can apply prior to inspection other times you have to attend and receive a code to apply with.

1. You will need to have 100-points of identification which can include any of the following to make up your 100 point

a. Passport

b. Driver's license

c. Birth certificate

d. Medicare

e. Healthcare card,

f. Copies of these types of accounts in your name e.g. electricity, internet or phone bill

2. Supply a rental history and references

a. Name, address and phone numbers of your referees whether it is the landlord or the managing agent.

3. References:

a. Check with the agency that you are placing your application with that you are supplying the correct information as not all agents require the same paperwork. Making their life simple will put you ahead of the rest.

b. Include your past rental history references, and sometimes you may be required to supply personal references. Be sure that your referee is ok with you supplying their details.

c. Pet references are also important if you are making an application to a pet friendly property. If you don’t have a reference ask your past landlord and or past neighbours to vouch for your furbabies good behaviour.

d. Be sure to include all the information for all the applicants that are over 18 and residing at the property.

4. Bond: You will need a minimum of 4 weeks bond to be made payable to the RTA Rental Tenancy Authority of Queensland, and you will also require the first 2 weeks rent. Be sure to have these funds available on signing the lease agreement.

What can I do for you?

If you can not attend a Gold Coast rental Open Home Viewing, I will attend for you as your Tenant Representative.

You can either find the property online yourself or I will do the search for you. Your time constraints and budget will decide this factor. I’ll review your chosen property and discuss the listing prior to attending the rental inspection. (I do this, as sometimes listings can be deceiving and not always what you are expecting from the photos - local & experienced knowledge of the Gold Coast is the key here) Open home viewings on the Gold Coast are generally open for only 15 minutes and scheduled with a maximum amount of attendees. In this market when up to 30 people can be inspecting one property during that open homes, you must attend punctually and you do not get to choose when the viewing time is, you have to work in with the Agents.

Of course the higher you budget the less competition for a property & If you have pets this will also limit your selections as there are not as many “pets considered” properties for rent.

You will need to register online for all inspections and if possible advise the real estate office that a representative will be attending on your behalf.

If you are using RelocateUs services, I will guide you through the process and give you more personalised tips to securing the property that is right for you. With 10 years experience acquiring rental property on the Gold Coast for my clients, and having lived here for the last 35 years, I have a lot of local knowledge that will also help you decide on whether the property you are looking at is in your best interests to consider as your new home.

I wish you good luck on your search for your new home and welcome your enquiry if you are looking for assistance in your quest for obtaining a great rental on the Gold Coast.

Disclaimer: In preparing this information we have used our best endeavours to ensure the information contained is true and accurate but accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability in respect to any errors, omissions, inaccuracies or misstatements contained.


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